If We Were Going

By Steve VandeGriek Photos by Jan Behmer Copyright 2021 If we were going to a far off country somewhere, but of course we aren’t these virulent days, I would try to learn the language spoken there, but of course I never will. The Japanese have a term – Yoko Meshi- to describe the awkward feelingContinue reading “If We Were Going”


Photos by Jan Behmer Text by Steve VandeGriek Copyright 2020 Two hours north of Edinburgh, on a summery Saturday afternoon, my wife and I stepped off the train at our destination station, Dunkeld. Or so the sign read. The “station” was a low uncovered platform resembling a two by four sheet of plywood. Deserted. InContinue reading “A POSTCARD FROM SCOTLAND”

Cinco de mayo Cocina

By Steve VandeGriek; Photos by Jan Behmer  ©2017 The city of Puebla lies roughly one hundred miles southeast of Mexico City. On the fifth of May in 1862 it was the scene of a battle early in the French-Mexican War. Six thousand French soldiers assaulted the city from the north. An improvised army of aboutContinue reading “Cinco de mayo Cocina”

Another Curbside Attraction

ANOTHER CURBSIDE ATTRACTION   By Steve VandeGriek  ©2013 Photos by Jan Behmer  ©2013 Rewarding travel is often the result of being seduced by a tangent you hadn’t anticipated. My wife and I had planned to visit several central Mexican cities – some familiar, some not – with no particular agenda in mind.  We were notContinue reading “Another Curbside Attraction”

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