Photos by Jan Behmer Text by Steve VandeGriek Copyright 2020 Two hours north of Edinburgh, on a summery Saturday afternoon, my wife and I stepped off the train at our destination station, Dunkeld. Or so the sign read. The “station” was a low uncovered platform resembling a two by four sheet of plywood. Deserted. InContinue reading “A POSTCARD FROM SCOTLAND”

Cinco de mayo Cocina

By Steve VandeGriek; Photos by Jan Behmer¬† ¬©2017 The city of Puebla lies roughly one hundred miles southeast of Mexico City. On the fifth of May in 1862 it was the scene of a battle early in the French-Mexican War. Six thousand French soldiers assaulted the city from the north. An improvised army of aboutContinue reading “Cinco de mayo Cocina”


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